Oct 8

After losing the server on a cloud service which contained my docreviewmd blog posts, I am attempting to update my blog site with what I have from the collection saved on my hard drive.  Then like a re-issue of a CD collection in a box set, I am updating the liner notes with new introductions.   I believe more than ever that the thesis of this post pointed out in my Legal Hydra article published in Forbes remains true today.  Lawyers are still trying to solve technology problems with law.  This is one reason we launched the Predictive Coding Thought Leadership Series tour in 2013 to teach lawyers how to measure the effectiveness of predictive coding results through sampling.

This blog post is also eventful right now because Jason Baron just left his government post and joined up with some good friends of mine at Drinker Biddle.  I expect that Jason will continue his good work though the billable hour may curtail his ability to continue preaching the gospel.  Let me be the first to say that I hope it doesn’t.  But good luck Jason with your new position and best of luck.  ….. Read More

Sep 27

Originally posted on July 28, 2012.

When the original DocReviewMD website lost its content, I was disappointed.  We posted some of the first commentary on many of the cases that were breaking in the predictive coding space in 2012.  Now I am reposting these blog posts with updated introductions.  This was the first big conference we did after Global Aerospace became a big case.  We thought we were changing the litigation landscape.  As a prominent judge in the e-discovery space told me after an ESIBytes podcast, common law takes a long time to evolve and that has served us well for 500 years.  In its way predictive coding is common law as lawyers need to build experience with these tools.  This is one reason we have embarked on a national tour in 2013 called the Predictive Coding Thought Leadership Series to help lawyers learn more about these new tools.  Enjoy the write up below done over a year ago…… Read More

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